We promote European Medicines Agency to Helsinki

A relocation of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to Helsinki is a real possibility. Helsinki Smart Region supports the campaign by the State of Finland and the City of Helsinki. The campaign highlights that the transition to Helsinki is guaranteed to be smooth. There are also obvious synergies with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) already hosted by the city, and on the good living and housing experiences of its employees.

The proposed EMA premises are in the Pasila workshop area in Vallila. The mission of the EMA is to foster scientific excellence in the production, evaluation, supervision and marketing of medicines within the EU. Because of Brexit, the agency is leaving the United Kingdom. Nineteen European cities have expressed their interest to host this agency in the future.

Helsinki Ticks All Boxes

Helsinki is convincing in ensuring a smooth transition. It also offers unique synergies with the Chemicals Agency, already located in the city. The synergies between the EMA and ECHA would create a Helsinki-based centre of excellence in the protection of human health.

According to the European Commission, the new host city must be able to guarantee the possibility for the EMA to remain seamlessly operational. The premises offered need to be fully available upon the relocation.

When choosing the new host city, crucial criteria are also a good availability of the agency, and the geographical spread of EU Agencies. Helsinki is well-known for its outstanding education facilities for children of all ages, and excellent employment opportunities for spouses.

EMA can bring income and influence

The agency brings about 900 employees to its new location, and hosts more than 30 000 annual visits. Helsinki will experience an increase in work and income, as well as a wider influence in the EU health policy. Large pharmaceutical companies can easily follow the agency to its new host city.

By the end of September, the applications have been evaluated by the Commission. The final decision about the new hosting city will be made by a secret ballot in The General Affairs Council on November the 20th.


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